Officers of the Vampire Court of Dallas

Officers are voted in by the VCD. We handle the day-to-day operations and address issues and inquiries that come up regarding our prospective roles. To be an officer, you must be a member of the court. We vote every spring for the officers and vote for our director and vice every fall.


Queen (Director) – Danielle

The sitting executive (title of King/Queen/etc. can change or be adapted based on personal preference regardless of gender or cultural affiliation, as this is simply to mirror the existing terminology in play by other current courts/organizations in the greater vampire/other-kin community) serves as the chief executive and public face of the court to the outside (VC or mundane) world, and serves as the central hub of information regarding the court to the membership and officers. More details in the Charter

Regent (Vice Director) – Bri

The Vice Director is elected separately from the Director and the title may change depending on the gender-identity or cultural affiliation of the Vice Director and their particular dynamic with the sitting Director. More details in the Charter

Priscus (Historian): Bri

The Court Priscus is a major position of importance, since it is through their pen that the history and business of this court is recorded for long term publishing and memory. More details in the Charter

Steward (Media Relations) – Peach (Interim Director)

The Steward of the Court is the first line of defense in protecting the court’s hard-earned reputation and respect by keeping a trained eye on the national/global community as a whole to examine and follow social media actions of other organizations in matters that may affect our local mission, as well as deal with any media requests (both online and print) for comment and information. More details in the Charter

Chamberlain (Digital Promotion) – Flora

The Chamberlain shall be the manager of the digital assets for the Court, ensuring our presence on various emerging social medias in order to maximize our reach. More details in the Charter

Scribe (Legal Advisor) – Vacant

The Court Scribe is a major position of importance, as they will provide editing/authoring duties for the subsequent charter revisions to ensure that the document is in good order before distribution to members. More details in the Charter

Sage (Consultant) – Vacant

The Court Sage is an honorary post reserved for executives that have long served the court and court functions, making a major mark on the history of the court and its future. More details in the Charter

Record Keeper (Secretary) – Vacant

To prevent the overburdening of the Court Herald due to the increased upkeep and maintenance of the charter and court social media presence, the court voted on 1/8/2017 to create a post strictly for the purpose of recording meetings and subsequent debates.

Purser (Treasurer) – Vacant

We all know that money is a corrupting force within the world, therefore our Court Purser must be incorruptible. More details in the Charter

Councillars [Max 2] (Chaplain) – Melissa

The primary duties of the Councillars will be to aid and educate members on issues of spiritual matters and general well-being, if requested, acting as general advisors on issues relating to identity (both in the metaphysical and mundane senses of the term), and provide general information regarding any of these related issues to leadership and members. More details in the Charter

Guardian [Max 3] (Sergeant at Arms) – James & Justin

The Court Guardians are the representatives of the organization to mundane law enforcement and are firmly aligned with the security of membership and officers in times of tension. More details in the Charter

Ambassador (Diplomat) – Kryn

The Ambassador of the VCD will be a member that has vast VC connections, widely respected and known to be trustworthy, and possess communication skills that will allow them to be a key point of contact with VIP’s and visiting dignitaries from various Vampire Houses, Covens, Were/Lycan Packs, and their equivalents in all kinds of cryptid groups. More details in the Charter


Herald (Webmaster) – Miranda

The Court Herald will be responsible for maintaining court email access, performing regular up-keep of host and website, maintaining service fees and reporting status to the general membership. They are also responsible for smooth transition between officers and users accounts when new leadership is appointed or elected. More details in the Charter

Seneschal (Education Coordinator) – Lex

The Court Seneschal will be the educational focal point to provide members with the opportunity to grow their skill sets in a wide variety of disciplines. More details in the Charter

Specialist Positions Currently Open

Cofferer (Merchandising)   

The Court Cofferer is the primary focal over the development, logistics, revenue, and presentation of court merchandise on social media and using the currently acceptable transaction platform in use. More details in the Charter

Healer (Medical Advisor)

Like the Guardians, the healer is to be known as a person of respect and high standing, for they are one of the few called into play if an emergency should occur. More details in the Charter