Holly M

I didn’t say anything about this but I should! As you know, I went to the Bleeding Hearts Ball hosted and put on the by the Vampire Court of Dallas. Had a lovely time, bought some jewelry, which fit in my purse, and coffee, which did not. I coat checked said coffee then completely forgot it at the end of the night.

I wrote the director and told her she could have it if it was found. I just figured, “Oops, my dumbass moment” and was willing to let it go.

She sent out an email to all attendees thanking them for going and stating that if anything was lost to email back. I did and in the end, a few days later, she brought the coffee to my house. I thought this was incredibly kind but I am not surprised, considering the kind of altruistic work the VCoD does. However, she literally went out of her way and that speaks volumes about the person she is.

So I wanted to publicly thank her and the VCoD.

And BTW, this coffee is DELICIOUS! Bonecutter Brews Coffee made it and I got the Drunken Rougaroo (bourbon oak cask infused) & Caramel Cthulhu.