2024 March Meeting Minutes

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03 March 2024 / 6:30 PM / Chill Coffee & Wine Bar 


13 Members 2 applicants


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved by membership vote 

New Business

  • Gavel in at 6:53
  • Opening Mindfulness Exercise led by Flora
  • Director Address
    • Dani to take a three(3) month sabbatical to focus on her health
    • Peach to step in as Regent Pro Tempero(temporary Director)
  • Bleeding Hearts Ball 6: The Dark Kiss Debrief
    • Raised $17,000 with the event
    • Due to problems with previously approved charity, there will be a vote later in the month for a new charity to donate to
    • Charity to be voted on will be benefiting service dogs
    • Cost of event was more than anticipated, but we can still donate around $2,000 to the new charity
  • Rainbow In The Dark
    • Need event lead, Constance volunteered
    • Will happen in June 2024
    • Will benefit a charity for homeless and in-need youth in the LGBTQ+ demographic
  • SemiFang 2024
    • Need event lead
    • Will donate to Foundation 45, as per previous membership vote
    • Both Parkland and Restland cemeteries want to partner with us
    • Multiple photographers want to partner with us for the event
  • Krampusnacht 5
    • Need event lead
    • Must benefit a charity that donates toys to children as this event is a toy drive
    • Hope’s Door and Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas were suggested
  • Bleeding Hearts Ball 7
    • Need event lead
    • Need venue and budget overview/vote
    • Need to choose from wildlife and animal sanctuaries
  • Officer Elections
    • Votes will go up March 12, 2024
    • Officer duties will be available via a link on the Discord server
    • Members are expected to review these duties
    • Anyone who is willing and able is encouraged to volunteer for the position and is subject to a vote
  • Record Keeper Report
    • Minutes from February meeting were read
    • Minutes approved by membership vote
  • Vice Director Report
    • Reminder that all new member applicants are subject to a full background check
    • Membership cannot be put up for approval or vote until the background check is complete
    • New member vote for Rose: motion passed, congratulations Rose!
  • Cultural Committee
    • Picnic on March 23, 2024 at 4:00PM
    • Sign up sheet for food and games will be posted to Discord
    • Witches Ball: Balefire Ball is on April 13, 2024 and all members are encouraged to attend and have fun together
    • Committee members are hard at work for new social events
  • Member Birthdays/Anniversaries
    • Birthdays: 2 members
    • Anniversaries: 2 members
  • Elections and Votes
    • Voting will take place on Survey Monkey and the link will be posted March 12, 2024
    • Will have a vote to remove current Healer from their position
    • Will have a vote to remove all inactive members from the Google Drive
    • Will vote on event leads and new members
    • Officer elections
  • Reviewed and went over Officer duties and expectations
  • Dani passed on executive bracelet and pin to Peach for the duration of her sabbatical
  • Flora gave big thanks to Dani for all of her hard work for VCD and applauded her for taking steps to take care of herself
  • Constance to fill in as Media Relations while Peach is Regent Pro Tempore
  • Peach moved to work with Cultural Committee to plan small activities for membership after meetings in the future
  • Gavel out 8:36