Public Meeting Notes 06-03-2018

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas Texas

Number of attendees: 46

  1. Scarby Pirate Weekend had difficulties due to remote area and weather. Next social event planned is Vampire Karaoke with multiple people interested.
  2. Two members volunteered and helped crew the Over Night Walk benefiting the Association for Suicide Awareness. Total amount raised was over $1.3MM, for mental health research and treatment, as well as partnership for veteran’s programs. Members helped the event all night.
  3. VCD Welcoming Committee voted into existence with 4 initial members. Mike to chair.
  4. Membership Inductions: 2 new applicants granted full-membership status.
  5. Revision J of VCD charter voted upon and discussed.
  6. Specialist Vote: Arthur confirmed as Court Watcher (Social Media Analyst).
  7. Rainbow in the Dark event was discussed…The donations will be collected at S4 on Friday Aug 10th and the main event will take place at Sue Ellen’s on Sunday August 12th. 6 performers discussed with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence acting as an event partner.
  8. The Dead and Loving it event venue is still in work. Colleges and public libraries discussed as alternatives.
  9. Semifang project photo shoots are ongoing with more dates to come.
  10. Website updates: The website is under construction and we are now opening up our options for web designers who would like to do this job for hire or a donation receipt.
  11. Aramond VanRahamdalph of Clan Rahamdalph visited as a welcomed guest, discussing the previous Houston Vampire Ball and overall support of the Texas Community.

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