Author: Malka

January 2021 Agenda: A. Meeting Opening (Malka/Danielle)*B. Culture Committee Updates (TBD) Social Event Updates (Kitty) Educational Classes and Workshops (Lex) Merch and Etsy Project Updates (Sarah) Conventions Committee Updates (Sarah) *C. Intermission (10mins) Toy Drive 2020 closing notes (Troi) Bleeding Hearts 2021 (Malka) *D. Open Floor (Officers/Specialists/Members/Guests)Action Items on Hold: Industry Alley Goth (ALL) Halthom […]
Public meeting
Location: Webex (online) [due to COVID19] Number of attendees: 23 The Culture Committee is planning on making care packages to give to the VCD members in healthcare/ on the COVID 19 frontline. If you are interested in helping, reach out to them. There will be 2 social committee events this month; a virtual museum tour […]
Public meeting
Location: Webex (online) [due to COVID19] Number in attendance: 25 The culture committee has decided to extend the deadline for the member’s video until the end of July. Details are on the member’s page for those that want to be involved. There will be a poll on the member’s page regarding the culture committee’s initiative […]
Membership December 2019
Location: Webex (online) [due to COVID19] Number in attendance: 20 We are hoping to have in-person meetings again starting in August. We will know more on this matter in late July. Our Culture Committee has been working hard at putting together a Social distancing event via Zoom; the next event will take place on June […]
Location: Webex (online) Number in attendance: 37 A vote was brought to combine the social committee and the culture committee. Voted in with no abstains and no objections. The ETSY shop is still up and running. Pins will be available soon. We are looking into being a part of virtual marketplaces to increase sales. Final […]
Location: Webex (online) Number in attendance: 31 The Social Committee will be scheduling an online movie-watching night to take place during April. More information will be on the members’ page shortly. We are looking into doing a virtual vending market and boosting our online sales. More dog tags are on the way. Funding for pins […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 31 The chair of our Social Committee has stepped down. Bri has been nominated as the new chair and has accepted the said nomination. She was voted in with 1 objection and no abstains. A new member has been added to the committee with no objections and no […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 34 Our social committee will be hosting a BBQ lunch for members and out-of-town guests on the day of Bleeding Hearts. After that, the next event won’t take place until April. There is also now an opening in the committee. We have new VCD t-shirts that go up […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 36 Our VCD member Holiday party was a success. Lots of members attended and participated in the white elephant. Moving forward we will have social events every other month and educational workshops on corresponding months. Educational workshops will be on odd months and social events on even months. […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 45 The Social Committee camping trip was a success and lots of fun for those who attended. The next event will be the annual Holiday party. The Etsy shop is up and running and will have new t-shirts. Working on a code for in-person delivery to save on […]