Public Meetup Notes 05-06-2018

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas Texas

Number of attendees: 46

  1. Pirate-themed weekend event planned by VCD at Scarborough Faire meeting times were confirmed and posted in the internal page, tickets are discounted for members!
  2. Four VCD members attended the internal haunted house event and discovered that one other VCD member was a part of the event crew.
  3. The Houston Vampire Ball went well, approximately 120 people were in attendance at the private event which was hosted by a majority of the resident organizations of Houston. Lessons from the ball were discussed and taken into consideration for future VCD events.
  4. Officer Reconfirmation: Court Guardian Mikey was voted into office for another year by majority vote.
  5. Revision H of the VCD charter was discussed, voted, and signed into the charter.
  6. Discussion of “Brand Ambassadors” was brought up, for potentially 3 people who are willing to become a part of the “Welcoming Committee” for new members and guests.
  7. Glitter in the Dark event was discussed, two separate dates were confirmed at two separate locations in order to focus on maximum donations for the fundraiser. The cash collection donations will be collected at S4 on Friday, July 27th and the main event will take place at Suellen’s on Sunday, August 5th where we will present the donations collected.
  8. The Dead and Loving it event is moving forward as we are discussing venue ideas.
  9. Semifang project photoshoot took place on April 22 at both the Pioneer park cemetery in Dallas, and the Reindeer Manor haunted house. Multiple photo shoots will be scheduled throughout the year at other locations as well.
  10. Website updates: The website is under construction and we are now opening up our options for web designers who would like to do this job for hire or a donation receipt.
  11. NOLA roadtrip was discussed. We are leaving on Friday, October 26th for the following events happening in New Orleans:
    • Sebastian will be hosting the Endless night ball in New Orleans on Saturday, October 27th, this is the last year it will be hosted at the House of Blues.
    • VCA will be hosting the Bloodlust ball in New Orleans on Sunday, October 28th
    • The Opium event will be hosted on Monday, October 29th
  12. An email signup list is in the shared Google drive for those members who want to receive the “Public Meetup Notes” and are not connected via Facebook. The records keeper will send out an emailed copy of the same Public Meetup Notes listed on the VCD Facebook page.
  13. Proposed idea for “The Overnight walk” fundraiser on June 2nd was discussed, a team was created for the Vampire Court of Dallas in order to further support the semicolon project and suicide awareness. For more info click here:

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