Public Meeting Notes 08-02-2020

Public meeting

Location: Webex (online) [due to COVID19]

Number of attendees: 23

The Culture Committee is planning on making care packages to give to the VCD members in healthcare/ on the COVID 19 frontline. If you are interested in helping, reach out to them.

There will be 2 social committee events this month; a virtual museum tour and a drive in movie night. Both events will be posted on the member’s page.

The new fans are selling well on our Etsy page. We are always looking for new merchandise ideas.

Instructions for this years Semi-fang project are on the member’s page. If you are interested in partaking, the submission deadline is and of day August 31, 2020.

Our next education workshop will take place in September. Bri will be teaching our members about Psy Vampirism. This seminar will take place online.

Laesaelea has accepted the nomination to be guardian for another term. She was voted in with no objections and 1 abstain.

Our King and Queen have decided to step down as of September. They did not accept a nomination to serve for another term.

New candidates will be nominated on in the member’s page and a private election will take place.

Mike, relinquishing his right to vote, was voted to be the election official. The election will take place on the member’s page, via survey monkey from Aug. 16-30, 2020.

The winners of this election will be announced at the September meeting.

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Posted Initially: Sep 2, 2020, 5:15 PM