Public Meeting – 01-02-2022


Members (17)

Non Members (2)

  • Both are applying for membership

Public Meeting Notes

  1. Breathing exercises (Malka lead)
  2. Happy holiday seasons, hopefully, it wasn’t too stressful and was pleasant
  3. Culture committee
    1. Met & planned out the rest of the year
  4. Merchandising information
    1. Share
      1. Etsy
      2. Amazon Smile
  5. Educational Workshops
  6. Toy Drive
    1. Joel & Angelous discussed Friday’s event
      1. Success
      2. Collected a lot of toys and made a lot of introductions with new people
      3. MVP volunteer:
    2. Troi – Sunday
      1. Not as many toys but it was a good turnout
      2. Was a great number of people helped donate
    3. MVP Someone did something special
      1. Both there for open and close
      2. Maddie – Provided truck, volunteered for transporting
      3. Royal – Really helped out and made himself available for the event
        1. Opted for the dreaded late shift to help out.
    4. First event since COVID lockdown
      1. Started in 2016
      2. Donated to New Beginnings Center
      3. For children in domestic abuse situations
    5. Don donated $200 as well on top of all the merch purchases and
      1. NOTE: $250 was identified in the meeting by Malka, however the check when deposited late January 2022 reflected $200.00.
    6. Several people caught the plague during and hope you are feeling better
  7. Suggested revision changes
    1. Retain chosen title when stepping down
      1. Point of order
        1. Flora Langel De Kock – Confusing for those outside the group
        2. Mike Coull – This is what the Sage role was designed to represent
    2. Clarification of who has access to what
      1. It’s basically in the roles, but want it better clarified
    3. Reapplying for the membership
      1. What is is to be expected for those who leave on poor terms
      2. What is to be expected for those who leave on good terms
  8. Website
    1. Suggest ownership of the site should be the group
      1. Not an individual
    2. Flora can host
      1. DOES NOT recommend this
      2. Recommend a private hosting enviornment
        1. Will allow for passing of the torch as appropriate and the ownership of all intellectual property and domains to remain in the hands of the group, not an individual.
  9. Stepping down
    1. Malka
      1. History and background for those who are not aware
      2. Effective February meeting
      3. Staying on through this month
      4. Danielle will be sworn in next month
    2. Fenris
      1. Is stepping down as well and leaving
      2. Effective beginning of the next meeting as well
    3. Susan
      1. Announced she will officially be leaving at that time as well.
    4. Both Susan and Fenris confirmed they are aware rejoining will involve the application process again. 
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