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Attendance Members (17) Non Members (2) Both are applying for membership Public Meeting Notes Breathing exercises (Malka lead) Happy holiday seasons, hopefully, it wasn’t too stressful and was pleasant Culture committee Met & planned out the rest of the year Merchandising information Share Etsy Amazon Smile Educational Workshops Toy Drive Joel & Angelous discussed Friday’s […]
January 2021 Agenda: A. Meeting Opening (Malka/Danielle)*B. Culture Committee Updates (TBD) Social Event Updates (Kitty) Educational Classes and Workshops (Lex) Merch and Etsy Project Updates (Sarah) Conventions Committee Updates (Sarah) *C. Intermission (10mins) Toy Drive 2020 closing notes (Troi) Bleeding Hearts 2021 (Malka) *D. Open Floor (Officers/Specialists/Members/Guests)Action Items on Hold: Industry Alley Goth (ALL) Halthom […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 26 Out next meeting will be our annual group photo. Members are advised to dress up. This will also be a chance for officers to update their officer photos. Our Etsy store is up and running and we are working on new merchandise and new t-shirt designs. Our […]
Location: Number of Attendees:37 The VCD is in the process of making a business website for networking purposes. It is moving along and should be up and running soon. We recently had a workshop for our members to learn some of the basics of self-defense. This workshop was very helpful. Our next workshop will be […]
Membership December 2019
Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX Number of attendees: 37 This meeting marks our third anniversary as the Vampire Court of Dallas. We now have over 65 members and have over $15,000 for local causes. Mike and Rayne have been voted in as directors of the court for another year. Mike and Rayne will be the […]
Location: The Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX Number in Attendance: 47 The next social committee event for VCD members will take place Friday, Aug 23, 2019, at Three Links in Deep Ellum. It will be an 80s party with Tim Cappello from Lost Boys headlining. Our official website 2.0 has been released. We are now working […]
Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX Number of Attendees: 42 A proposal for a new VCD website is currently being worked on and we should have something new to vote on soon. Outlast Youth (the organization that we raised funds for at Rainbow in the Dark) is looking for volunteers for a demographic count that will […]
Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX Number of Attendees: 39 The webmaster is still working on a new site. The designer we were working with adjusted their price and we are looking to work with someone else. We are growing and we want our members to be aware of people‚Äôs boundaries. We are a safe zone […]
Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX Number of Attendees: 43 This meeting marks the 2 year anniversary of the Vampire Court of Dallas. The internal VCD event for members will take place on Sunday, Sept 30. Mike Burgess and Rayne Drawps have been reconfirmed as King and Queen of the Vampire Court of Dallas for another […]
Location: The Gingerman in Uptown Dallas, TX Number of Attendees: 42 About a dozen VCD members attended the Blade showing at the Texas theater and some went to Cafe Brazil afterward. $500 was raised by the VCD for the Joe Virus benefit and some members attended the event to present the check to Joe himself […]