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Some policies have been established and went into effect as of the February 2022 meeting some policies are to bring more in sync with standard non-profit practices, others to meet concerns expressed previously but would not fall under a charter revision. Going forward all critical pending votes will have the details for review for at […]
Meeting Details Date and Time: February 6th, 2022 at 7:00 PM Location: WebEx Agenda: Opening Breathing Exercises led by Counselor Special Business Regular Business Record Keeper Report Chamberlain Report Intermission Vice director report Culture committee report Steward Report Counselor Report Scribe Report Charter Revision Report Adjournment Attendees Members (15) [Names Redacted from notes] Non Member […]
Attendance Members (17) Non Members (2) Both are applying for membership Public Meeting Notes Breathing exercises (Malka lead) Happy holiday seasons, hopefully, it wasn’t too stressful and was pleasant Culture committee Met & planned out the rest of the year Merchandising information Share Etsy Amazon Smile Educational Workshops Toy Drive Joel & Angelous discussed Friday’s […]
While today comes to a conclusion, as does suicide prevention week & our annual #semifang project; I want to remind everyone: These very personal battles will continue to happen every day, the threat is not over just because the awareness week has ended. We must be ever vigilant, even more so now during COVID. Reach […]