Public Meeting Notes 01-07-2018

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 33

The VCD t-shirt design has been approved and sent off to be quoted. Should have quotes soon and shirts available at the next event.

Krampus Nacht was a success with 600 attendees (breaking the Church’s antecedence record). 218 toys and $232 were collected at the toy drive at Panoptikon and Krampus Nacht, and donated to the New Beginning center, beating our numbers from the previous year.

The Bleeding Hearts Ball will take place at the Church on Sunday, February 11, 2018. Four unique performers have been booked to perform on stage, while magicians will be walking around doing ambient magic as well. There will also be vendors selling products as well as services. All to benefit Heart of Gold.

There will be a fashion show designed by Cat Dillon and ran by Angela Ryan featuring members of the VCD as models. There will be pre-sale tickets for sale soon, with VIP tickets available. Radha and Roman are the project managers at this event.

Four new candidates were voted into membership along with one new member at large.

Radha and Ramon have been confirmed for another year as the Court counselors.

New event ideas for 2018 were discussed.

Due to complications, the policy of our member roster privacy was discussed. Please do not “out” any member. Our member roster is private out of respect to our members.

Our Amazon smile is set up and members are reminded to use smile when ordering from Amazon. A portion of all purchases made this way will benefit VCD.

We have decided to coordinate a small dinner for members and out-of-town visitors the weekend of Bleeding Hearts.

The Semi Fang project has gained the interest of multiple Vampire Organizations across the country. We have voted to extend this project to include them. Malka will be the Project Manager on this project and it will be published in September during Suicide Awareness Week.

BBC America has been in touch with several VCD members regarding a documentary about Vampires and our court. We remind any member being interviewed that you are representing all of VCD and should conduct yourself in a manner that is fitting.

Logan South, King of the Vampire Court of Austin, graced us with his presence this weekend and was our honored guest at our public meeting. He discussed VCA’s Vampire Carnival, which will take place on May 19, 2018, in Austin.

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