Public Meeting Notes 02-03-2018

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 34

Rayne opened the meeting with a positivity exercise.

Bleeding Hearts Ball will take place Sunday, February 11, 2018, at the church. Doors will open at 9 pm. All volunteer slots have been filled. Delegates from Austin, Waco, Houston, Denver, and Atlanta will be in attendance.

Through weekly challenges and other practices, the members of VCD have been called upon to increase our internal interactions.

Two new members were voted in.

Malka has been voted as the Records Keeper (officer) for another term (one year).

A committee of 5 members has been created and voted upon to be in charge of created VCD member-only events. These events will take place once a month.

An event linked with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has been voted upon. Mikey has been voted as lead on this project. Event date and details to be determined.

A Vampire Movie event to take place at either Alamo Draft House or The Texas Theater has been voted upon and will take place later this year. Bri has been voted as the lead on this project.

The idea of an Art and Music festival has been placed on hold.

A vampire historian has been scheduled to attend our next meeting; which will occur on Sunday, March 4, 2018, at 7 pm at the Gingerman in Uptown Dallas.

Our webmaster is currently collecting local attractions and recommended restaurants for visitors and delegates when they visit for future events. This list will be on our pages and linked to future event pages.

The Semifang project has reached multiple Vampire communities across the nation and will be expanded to include organizations that are interested.

Also, a theme has been discussed for this year’s photoshoots as well as other links to be posted with the photo series to help people battling with mental illness.

Joe Virus is having a medical fetish-themed fundraiser at the church on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

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