Public Meet Up Notes 03-03-2019

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 37

The internal committee has decided to host 2 events this month. A masculine event will take place at a cigar bar, and a spa day to take place at Spa Castle. These events will be for members only.

VCD will be walking in Dallas Pride this year. The theme will be Stonewall and will take place June 2, 2019, at Fair Park.

VCD is still looking into having a panel at a local convention.

Shoots for this year’s Semi fang project will be posted soon. The photos from this series will be published during Suicide Prevention Week.

Bleeding Hearts 2019 raised $4242, which is our largest amount so far, and had over 700 people in attendance.

The Vampire Court of Dallas is not officially trademarked.

Our court counselors, Radha and Ramon, have been reconfirmed via a popular vote for another year.

One new member has been voted into membership.

Two members at large were voted back into full membership.

The VCD has decided to team up with The Bad Girl’s Club of Dallas to co-host a casino night event. This event will be to help stop human trafficking. An event coordinator and the charity will be voted on by members before the next public meeting.

“Children of the Night” is a play being put on locally with the topic being Vampires. VCD is in the works to help promote the show and to have a VCD desk at the play to help promote our cause. Showtimes will take place in April at the Cultural Bath House and events will be posted on Facebook.

Will is considering taking un-official headshots for anyone interested at the next meeting. This is not limited to members. These will be $10 per person.

Morning Star is producing a documentary about comparing modern vampires to historical accounts. Our media desk is reviewing the material to see if it is suitable for our involvement.

An elders conference is being held at the end of April 28, 2019- May 3, 2019, and is being hosted by Stefan Henderson and co-hosted by the Court of Houston. VCD has decided to not have representatives at this event, but any vampire member is allowed to attend at their discretion.

At this time we do not have an agenda regarding the conference’s events.

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