Application for Membership

Application for Membership, Vampire Court of Dallas ® (VCD) [Revision 6]

Please take your time in this application and answer as thoroughly and truthfully as possible [No short answers please!], this is the first impression, and the more thoughtful effort you put in here the easier it is for us to get to know and understand what type of person you are. This application is open to everyone of any sect or variation of vampirism or other-kin identified. Additionally, we are open to all spiritually-minded people that are accepting of others people’s views on the above subjects and supportive of the organizational mission. To give a short summary of the organization: The Vampire Court of Dallas / Fort Worth ® is an umbrella organization providing a public face for the numerous individuals and private Vampire/Other-kin organizations of the D/FW area. As such, we are a fully federally certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization and strive to be fully transparent in our efforts of outreach, education, and community service.

Our purpose can be split into two primary efforts: Community Support & Community Service.

Our community support functions consist of the bulk of our efforts, and these can be best summed up as providing wide-ranging personal support for the growth and education of our members, along with providing a safe place, acceptance, and understanding. Our community service functions consist of the multiple events and event partnerships that we engage in throughout the year for charity…to not only help the local community but to provide a needed counter to the bad press that our communities have been given in the past by the media. Through these two facets, the VCD has provided countless hours of community service, material support, and a much-needed outlet for the beautiful creatures of Dallas to be proud of.

Membership December 2019
Membership in attendance for December 2019 meeting

An application for membership is one step in a three-step process that consists of this application, attending a single meeting in person and a final vote of the membership. Persons will be notified as these steps are cleared however we usually average a 48-hour turnaround. After induction, prospective members are on a probationary period of 30-120 days, in which members are encouraged to meet and socialize, as well as read over the charter/rules located on the member’s Google Drive… Be advised that during this probationary period, the prospective member does not have the ability to vote in proceedings and can be removed from the organization by leadership if their behavior does not mesh with or reflect the core values of the organization.

By filling out an application for membership, you acknowledge that you have understood and will abide by the rules below:

  • All members/prospects are to respect each other and each other’s diversity of gender identification, age, religious affiliation, sexuality, other-kin or mundane identification, race, medical history, or any other means of association.
  • The official rosters and membership (prospective, full, or at-large) encountered at meetings or events are not to be posted publicly or acknowledged publicly via social media, the internet, or any means of “outing” without the other parties consent. Prospective members must know that some person encountered is considered to be “in the coffin” and this must be respected.
  • The Vampire Court of Dallas is to remain to be neutral in political affairs (both mundane and within the greater community). Any officer, member, or prospective member acknowledges that they alone do not speak for the organization without a full vote of the voting membership.