Public Meeting Notes 06-07-2020

Membership December 2019

Location: Webex (online) [due to COVID19]

Number in attendance: 20

We are hoping to have in-person meetings again starting in August. We will know more on this matter in late July.

Our Culture Committee has been working hard at putting together a Social distancing event via Zoom; the next event will take place on June 13 and will be posted on the member’s page. Our Culture Committee is also working on having some smaller charities for VCD to support and get involved in. These projects will cost little to no money and will be minimal participation. As per all our projects, involvement is voluntary. The first one will be for Wands for Wildlife, an organization that collects old mascara wands to be used to be given to wildlife organizations to be used to clean animals in their care. Information regarding this project will be posted on our Facebook page soon.

The VCD has new merchandise. Our newest addition to our Etsy store is our lapel pin, which has been growing in popularity. Out fan design has been finalized but due to COVID19, the original quote we were given has been altered. Once we get a new quote, we will bring a vote amongst members to approve the funds.

In addition to our usual Semi-fang posts during Suicide Prevention week in September, we have decided to repost all the photos from the last three years’ projects, as well as new articles and resources for mental health now, during COVID19 and the current events of the world around us. Things are not ideal in the world and we have chosen the Semifang project as our way of trying to make things a little better. For this year’s Semi-Fang project, to be released during Suicide prevention week, September 6-12, 2020, we have decided to do a “Don’t Rush, Pass the Brush” challenge-themed project. Members that choose to be involved will submit their videos to be added to the project and it will be released on the VCD social media this September.

A member’s only educational workshop, “ReVamp your Resume” will take place via video chat next month. Information for this event will be on the VCD Member’s page this week.

Dallas Pride has canceled this year’s physical events due to COVID19. There is talk of them doing online events and we are looking into getting involved. We will post any information regarding this as it is brought to us.

As stated before, Nocturnal Tease has been moved to November 13-15, 2020. More information regarding this event will be posted closer to that time. At this time we have no new information regarding the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Lip Sync Battle.

It is currently scheduled for August. “Angel Stakes” is still on the calendar for Friday, August 28, 2020, and will take place at Viva’s. This is a casino event being co-hosted with the Bad Girls Club of Dallas to benefit Turning Point in Plano, a charity that advocates for sexual abuse victims. Our team is working hard to get promotion material up on social media within the next month. We are also beginning to accept donations for our gambling winners as well as sponsorships for the event.

The Court voted on releasing funds in the amount of $175 to go towards buying out own Radio Frequency Licensing. This would be a 10-year license and will belong to the Vampire Court of Dallas. The vote was passed with no abstains and no objections.

Mikey has accepted his re-nomination to be a court guardian for another year. This was then brought to a vote and the vote passed with no abstains and no objections.

Our King made a request to the court to be reimbursed for funds used to procure a PO Box for the VCD. He gifted the first year to the court and the renewal cost was $118. This was brought to a vote and passed with no objections and no abstains.

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