Public Meeting Notes 05-03-2020

Location: Webex (online)

Number in attendance: 37

A vote was brought to combine the social committee and the culture committee. Voted in with no abstains and no objections. The ETSY shop is still up and running. Pins will be available soon. We are looking into being a part of virtual marketplaces to increase sales. Final call for fan art to be submitted.

All Semi-fang shoots are on hold until further notice. The Semi-fang team will be posting old photos and resources to help members and followers during these trying times.

There is no news regarding Pride at this time. There will be an “I Speak Good” educational workshop on May 16, 2020, at 7 pm. This will take place for members online.

There is no news regarding Nocturnal Tease. It is still scheduled for November 14, 2020. The VCD will be in charge of the charity raffle at this event.

The Sister’s of Perpetual Indulgence is still planning on having their Lip Sync Battle in August. We will post more information regarding this event as we get closer to the date.

A new counselor has been nominated. Tonja has accepted the nomination and was voted in with 3 abstains and no objections.

A member suggested the VCD do a “Pass the brush challenge”; Reese was nominated to the lead on this project. She accepted the nomination and was on. The motion passed with 2 abstains and no objections. More information regarding this project will be on the members’ page as soon as it is ready.

The VCD will be teaming up with the Bad Girls Club to do another casino night. This year’s title will be “Angel Stakes” with a casino royal theme. The colors will be blue and silver with a Bod theme. The event will take place August 28, 2020, at Viva’s and will benefit Turning Points in Plano, an organization that helps sexual assault victims.

The VCD members have decided to send handwritten notes and letters to each other to liven our spirits during COVID 19 pandemic times. The sign-up for this project will be on the member’s page.

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