Public Meeting Notes 01-03-2021

January 2021 Agenda:

A. Meeting Opening (Malka/Danielle)
*B. Culture Committee Updates (TBD)

  1. Social Event Updates (Kitty)
  2. Educational Classes and Workshops (Lex)
  3. Merch and Etsy Project Updates (Sarah)
  4. Conventions Committee Updates (Sarah) *
    C. Intermission (10mins)
  5. Toy Drive 2020 closing notes (Troi)
  6. Bleeding Hearts 2021 (Malka) *
    D. Open Floor (Officers/Specialists/Members/Guests)
    Action Items on Hold:
  7. Industry Alley Goth (ALL)
  8. Halthom Theater (ALL)
  9. Casino Angel Stakes Summer (Danielle)
  10. Sisters Lipsync (Mikey)
  • Denotes vote required

Agenda for the meeting, additional notes are still coming