Public Meeting Notes 03-05-2017

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of attendees: 23

  1. Bleeding Hearts Ball after action report: 500 attendees (480 at the door and 20 already inside). Total number of donations $858 ($666 in cash). Due to the success of this year’s event, we are locked in to put on the ball at the Church next year, on the Sunday before Valentine’s day.
  2. Bleeding Hearts Ball Lessons learned; Good- the low price of admission, variety of entertainment as well as input before hand on entertainment options, Vampire movies on the side TVs was well received, cupcakes and cookies were a big hit, open invitation to everyone even from other courts, raffle was a hit and the fashion show was very entertaining and well put together. There was a line at the door until 11pm ( 2 hours after doors opened). Things we can work on; better restaurant selection for pre-event get together, possible pre-event get together the day of the event, photos and contact information of raffle winners, better separation of raffle packages, possible silent auction instead of raffle, more volunteers, slow down raffle presentation, speed up fashion show, try to get things started on time, better organization, better time management, way to accept credit card donations, fang smith vendor needs a point of contact to help keep things on track.
  3. New Member inductions: 2 new members were warmly welcomed into our Court after current members voted.
  4. Family event discussion/update; Rayne suggested an escape room type outing. She will look into it further and update the court at the next meeting.
  5. Nine Lives at the Nines – casino themed event at the Nines to benefit the wild cat reserve in Wylie, TX; Project Manager voted on and assigned to Malka. Event will take place in August 2017.
  6. Historian Dax Stokes, of North Central Texas has offered to come to a meeting and discuss vampire history with the court. Discussion of future meeting.
  7. World Dracula Symposium will take place May 25 and 26. $50 for admission. Lunch included.
  8. VAMP in Austin had their soft opening this past weekend and will have their Grand Opening on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Discussion regarding VCD members attending the opening.
  9. Convergence; due to out success with the Bleeding Hearts Ball, we were asked to be involved with convergence this year. It will take place in May of 2017. Our involvement will result in a donation to a charity of our choice. This three day event will take place at The Nines, Pan, The Church, Reno’s and The Curtain Club.
  10. Symbols and sigils Discussion ( Organizational and Community); court has decided that due to current events involving other organizations, we have decided to hold off on moving forward with our own symbol as a Vampire and Other Kin organization.
  11. Ankh History video; a public statement has been made by VCD stating our neutrality on the grounds of current disputes amongst other organizations. Video was well made, tasteful and informative but did not have our previous consent or knowledge of the use of our images.
  12. Suicide Awareness week mini project “Semi Fang”; presentation by Malka. Point of contact and project manager voted on and assigned to Malka. Will be publicized Sept 10-16, 2017. Discussed Houston and Austin courts involvement.
  13. Inclusion in Gothom Halo Archive; New York, ran by Shaolin, book will include Houston, Austin and Dallas Vampire courts.
  14. Blood Nations Project; technology networking platform. Our involvement has been requested but we are currently holding off until further discussion.
  15. Sebastiaan’s “Endless Nights’ Vampire Salon; due to our success with the Bleeding Hearts Ball, the Court’s members have been invited to attend with VIP tickets and seating at the event. Event will take place at The Church on Saturday, April 22, 2017.
  16. NOVA Appeal for donations; based in New Orleans, project to help feed the homeless, in need of donations.
  17. Guest Introductions (6); among the welcomed guests were members of the Vampire Court of Austin.

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