Public Meeting Notes 04-02-2017

Location: The Ginger Man In Uptown Dallas, TX (second floor)

Number of attendees: 25

  1. Calendar entry; June 2, 2017, Vampires vs Wolves Burlesque at Lu Ellens. (featuring our very own Rayne Drawps).
  2. Maven’s visit was a success. Many of our members got fangs made. Looking into having him back in May and/or August.
  3. We have extended a dinner invite to Father Sebastiaan and Sabrina (head of Dallas Sabretooths), which he has accepted. Report on this dinner will be discussed at the May meetup.
  4. Mike, Rayne and Malka met with the Financial Manager of Texas Heart Institute in Houston to drop of the donation from the Bleeding Hearts Ball and we have received a thank you note from the organization. They also extended an invitation for us to tour the facility in the future.
  5. We are still moving forward with plans for a family event. Rayne is still the point of contact on that project. Nothing is set in stone as of yet.
  6. Malka has reached out to local photographers regarding the Semi Fang project. Members have also reached out to Maven of NOLA, Logan of Austin, Vach of Houston and Aramond of Houston about a possible joint effort on this project. They are interested.
  7. There will be a new document on out Google docs with member’s contact information so we can all stay in touch.
  8. New fundraising ideas were discussed.
  9. The Nine Lives at the Nines is moving forward. It will be this August and will benefit the wild cat reserve out in Wylie, TX. Plans are being made to set up a sit down meeting with the owner of the Nines, Alan.
  10. VCD has decided to accept the invitation to help with a fetish themed Pre-Party for the Convergence event in May. Our event will take place on Thursday, May 18th at RBC and will have a sign up for the Carter Blood Care blood donation drive that was put on hold after Bleeding Hearts.
  11. The meeting was concluded with the induction of 4 new VCD members.

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