Public Meeting Notes 02-05-2017

Gingerman Uptown Dallas, Second Floor


  1. Nomination for Court Record Keeper. Vote Passed.
  2. Confirmation of 1 new membership and 1 member-at-large. Vote Passed.
  3. Induction and adoption of VCD Charter Revision C. Vote Passed.

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Updates on Nines event (Aug 26nd) “Nine Lives” to include 1920’s centric performances and Dallas casino charity provider. Benefits North Texas Exotic Cat Shelter. Quote presented by casino provider (Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps).
  2. Bleeding Hearts Ball (Feb 12th) updates: See below for raffle and blood drive updates…Extra time for stage has been opened up for ideas with members voting to move forward with an attendee fashion show. Call for volunteer models currently in work on event page with a large amount of interest already expressed. Rhada / Ramon volunteered to lead portion. Models are to supply 3-4 sentences on outfit and participants will receive photo opportunities and bragging rights. Event will occur immediate after raffle and performers are complete (12:30-1pm).
  3. Membership delegation: Event project manager roles added to further delegate the event point of contact role moving forward into the future. Further sub-detail delegation would take place from there for individual volunteers to be accountable for specific parts of events – all of which reporting to the event project manager. Project managers will be a volunteer-based post that will end after the event is complete and they are fully answerable to the whole of membership and officers for details and arrangements. This new role allows those with free time to take on additional duties temporarily while taking the burden of events off of leadership intermittently to stave off burn-out and scheduling. All members qualify to take on this post for individual events, with select-ee to be confirmed at event inception.
  4. Bleeding Hearts Blood Drive: Details complete…donation cards printed and ready for event. Carter blood care has assigned the organization a sponsor number for future use. Members encouraged to donate using the number to kick off the drive ourselves…Selfies while donating are encouraged and will be posted on VCD main page. #vampiressavelives or #suckit
  5. Bleeding Hearts Raffle: 30+ items donated by local businesses with Malka as the main point of contact for the event raffle. Items are currently being organized into packages for the event with a total value of donations in work.
  6. Future Panopticon event: Members leaned to May 26th as the date of request with multiple ideas for charitable partners with a poll currently in work on members page for final selection. Event project manager not selected as of yet (interest has been made by several parties). Theme selection in work after charity selection.
  7. Vampire Network News has replaced the VCN (Merticus Stevens Atlanta) page due to financial strain. Moderators have expressed interest in our members submitting articles and content for their new page. Submissions can be made to VNN directly, however members are welcomed to pass articles around locally for peer review.
  8. Future member inductions are to be voted with inductees out of the room, to allow for unbiased conversation and careful consideration (3 minutes discussion time-limit). New methodology to be utilized new meeting.
  9. Family events were discussed with lots of interest (Scarby / Freeplay) with an emphasis on evening and late afternoon activities due to members health concerns. More details to come!

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