Public Meeting Notes 09-03-2017

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 25

  1. We celebrated the one year anniversary of the Vampire Court of Dallas’s first meeting.
  2. Comments and court critiques were discussed. All in all, we have had a successful first year and have the right energy moving forward into the next.
  3. The VCD has opened a bank account with BB/T and it has been handed over to Mary.
  4. Our next event will be Krampus Nacht on Sunday Dec 17, 2017 at the Church with a small tie in event on the Friday before, Dec 15, 2017 at Panopticon. Both events will be toy drives to benefit the New Beginning Center in Garland. Ghoutltown and the Krampus Society have agreed to being involved with the event. Brewer and Mary have agreed to be depicted in the promotions of these events.
  5. The Semi Fang project photoshoot took place before the meeting and the photos will be published during suicide Awareness week, Sept 11-16. VCA has decided to do their own tie in project with their own photos.
  6. The Mind’s Eye play test was discussed and was a success. Another event is in the works to be scheduled for October.
  7. Both Courts in Houston have reached out for any and all assistance in recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
  8. VCD’s website is up and running. Email addresses associated with the website have been assigned to officers.
  9. Nine Lives at the Nines pros and cons were discused. Guests had only positive feedback and seemed to enjoy the event. $842 were raised for Insync Exotics, and it was an overall success.
  10. Mike and Malka had the honor of delivering the donation to Insync Exotics and touring facility. The donation totaled at $842.
  11. There will multiple vampire events around Halloween in NOLA. A group road trip and attendance of these events was discussed.
  12. The week before Halloween (Oct 19-22), VCA will be hosting a ball in Austin.
  13. Bleeding Hearts will take place again next year on Sunday Feb 11, 2017, the Sunday before valentines day. There will be a raffle again but it will benefit Heart of Gold this time. Headliners are still in the works.
  14. We have had a few ideas for T-shirts submitted by Mary and JT. Susan is still in charge of this project but was unable to attend the meeting.
  15. Our tax – free 501C3 status is being established with certain retailers for future event supplies.
  16. The anniversary “yearbook” votes have been counted and the winners were announced.
  17. Mike Burgess and Rayne Drawps were voted King and Queen in charge of the VCD for another year.
  18. Mary Witcher and Lane Dansby were voted into their officer positions for another year.

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