Public Meeting Notes 10-01-2017

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 24

We had an honored guest; Logan South, King of the Vampire Court of Austin

The Semi-Fang was a success, with up to 6000 reaches on social media. 12 VCD members were involved and 7 members of VCA participated as well.

The t-shirt project being lead by Susan has 6 designs in the work and will be voted on by members in the near future.

Mary has announced that our credit card reader is working and has been tested. The VCD bank account with BB&T has been set up and handed over to Mary.

Another Mind’s Eye playtest event is in the works and a poll is being set up for members to pick an ideal date.

Krampus Nacht is the theme of our next events. It will be two tie-in events. Friday, December 15, 2017, at Panoptikon and Sunday, December 17, 2017, at the Church. We have a headliner in mind and a proposal has been typed up for Courtney Crave to discuss with the Church. These will be toy drives to benefit the New Beginnings Center in Garland. Malka has been voted event lead for these two tie-in events.

Bleeding Hearts is in the works for February 11, 2017. A headliner is in mind as well as an opener.

Angela Ryan is being asked to head the fashion show. A theme of Blood and Gold has been voted on and the event will benefit Heart of Gold of Dallas. Radha and Ramon have been voted the event leads on this event.

The NOLA Halloween events were discussed as well as who from VCD will be attending. VCA’s ball, to take place the weekend of Oct 19-22, 2017, was discussed as well as a possible road trip for VCD members that are wanting to attend.

Our tax-free status has been established with Ofice Depot, Michaels, JoAnns, and Dollar Tree. Other retailers are in the works. Members are required to submit a receipt for all supplies bought using the tax-free status.

Aoife Haney will be in town to photograph the court on Sunday, December 3, 2017. she has some shoot specials posted while she is in town for members that are interested in private shoots.

A VCD family dinner is in the works for November. Both date and location will be voted on via polls on the members’ page.

Cody Neeham has offered and invited VCD members to work at his haunted house this Halloween season. He is willing to make a donation to a charity of our choice if a member works for them.

Brandon has been confirmed as a guardian of VCD for another year.

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Oct 9, 2017, 11:58 AM