Public Meeting Notes 03-04-2018

Location: Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 36

Bleeding Hearts 2018 after-action report; Over $500 were raised and donated to Heart of Gold with almost 700 attendees.

The VCD was represented with a beautiful banner at the Vampire Ball in Denver. A few of our members were in attendance as well.

Three new members were inducted into full membership.

Two new charity partnerships have been voted on and are in the works for later this year.

The Texas Theater will be playing Blade on March 17, 2018, and VCD members are encouraged to attend.

The VCD members’ social committee has gotten together and will be taking polls on the members’ page to help put together future internal events.

A web designer has shown interest in helping us revamp our website. Other avenues are being looked into as well.

Dax Stokes, a Vampire historian, was kind enough to grace us with his presence and present us with a detailed history of Vampire folklore.

The project is in the works again this year to be published during Suicide awareness week in September. A theme has been discussed and we are expanding the project to include other vampire organizations.

The Church is hosting a Medical Fetish-themed fundraiser to help DJ Joe Virus to take place on Sunday, March 25.

The VCD has decided to raise funds internally with the goal of donating $400 to the cause.

Fang smith Mia Black will be in town at the beginning of April to make fangs for VCD members that are interested.

The Unity Project was discussed and voted upon and the VCD has decided to remain neutral at this time.

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