Public Meeting Notes 04-01-2018

Location: The Gingerman in Uptown Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 42

About a dozen VCD members attended the Blade showing at the Texas theater and some went to Cafe Brazil afterward.

$500 was raised by the VCD for the Joe Virus benefit and some members attended the event to present the check to Joe himself on stage.

Charter rev G was discussed and voted upon. Seven new members were voted into membership.

Malka will be taking a leave of absence from the VCD and Crystal will be the temporary records keeper until her return as voted upon by the VCD.

Two moderators were voted upon to maintain order on the members-only page.

Glitter, Spice, and Fangs (the LGBTQ event) was discussed with a tentative date of July 13.

Dead and Loving It (the vampire movie night); possible venues were discussed and will take place sometime after Frightmare.

Semifang project was discussed. Possible shoots to take place at local haunted houses. Shoots will begin in April.

A few VCD members had the chance to have fangs made by Mia Black during her recent visit to Dallas. She currently resides in Beaumont, TX, and will be returning to Dallas, hopefully, quarterly to make fangs for members in the future.

The Church has agreed to host the third annual VCD toy drive and will take place Sunday, December 9, 2018.

The third Annual Bleeding Hearts Ball has been approved to take place at the Church again next year with a tentative date of Sunday, February 10, 2019.

A generous donation was made to the VCD to fund the revamping of our website. We are taking bids from several web designers and moving forward with this endeavor.

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