Public Meeting Notes 08-05-2018

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 49

The recent internal committee event (pool party) was a success.

The next event will be our first members-only dinner.

The VCD has made it a priority to reassure that our public meetings are a safe place, even for non-members. If you ever feel uncomfortable, please reach out to an officer so it can be handled accordingly.

Five new members have been inducted as full-fledged voting members of the VCD.

Laesaelea Mar (Crystal) has been voted in as our third Guardian. She is the first female to be given this role and the youngest officer to be voted in.

Revision K of the charter, referring to respect and cell phone use during meetings as well as trigger warnings during meetings, was discussed and voted into action.

Rainbow in the Dark benefiting Outlast Youth will take place On Sunday, Aug 12, 2018, at Sue Ellens in Oaklawn. The doors will open at 6. The pre-party will take place the Friday before, August 10, 2018, at S4. Mia Black will be at the main event to make custom fangs for sale for guests.

Dracula Dead and Loving it, movie night to benefit Veterans Initiative is still in the works and will hopefully be on the books soon.

The last shoot(s) for the Semi Fang photo series will be posted shortly. This photo series will be publicized the week of Suicide Awareness week in mid-September.

Our King, Mike, was able to meet with the Court of Enchanted Haven in Wisconsin when he was up there for business and has only good to report on the group of people involved.

Funds were released to our webmaster to help update our website. Negotiations with a designer will begin soon and VCD members will get a chance to vote on any new website ideas once they are presented.

Our next meeting will be our second anniversary and we have decided to do the Yearbook rewards again. Malka will be in charge of the poll.

The positions of Kind and Queen are up for election. Mike and Rayne are running for reelection in these roles but any member can be nominated. Malka will again be running this poll as Records Keeper and therefore forfeiting her vote.

There will be a few Vampire Communities having events in New Orleans the week leading up to Halloween. Some of the Communities include but are not limited to; VCA, The Chateau, NOVA, Father Sebastiaan’s Sabretooth’s. Many VCD members will be in attendance at these events.

One of our members has been approved to answer questions on behalf of the VCD to the podcast called The Basement Show.

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