Public Meet Up notes 09-02-2018

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 43

This meeting marks the 2 year anniversary of the Vampire Court of Dallas. The internal VCD event for members will take place on Sunday, Sept 30. Mike Burgess and Rayne Drawps have been reconfirmed as King and Queen of the Vampire Court of Dallas for another year. They were voted in unanimously by the VCD members.

Suggestions made by the members were discussed.

Two new members were voted into full voting members status.

We are saying goodbye to two members and they have been voted into Member at large status.

Three officers were reconfirmed for another year: Brandon will continue to be guardian, Mary will be the Purser (accountant) and Lane will be the court Hospitaller (promotions) for another year.

The new website proposal is still being worked on and will hopefully be ready to be voted on by the next meeting.

Rainbow in the Dark was a huge success and many lessons were learned and discussed.

A new additional requirement was discussed for the application process and will be voted on by the members.

The last of the Semifang Project shoots are being wrapped up and the photo series to help prevent suicide will be published the week of Sept 9-15.

Members of the VCD will be taking a trip down to NOLA at the end of October to attend the various Vampire events that will take place there. Hotel options, events, and activities were discussed.

The Christmas toy drive was discussed. Malka has been voted as the event lead for this event. This event will take place in December at the Church.

The Dallas Voice has reached out to the VCD wanting to do an article about us. Two of our open members have been voted on to represent us in this article with the whole courts’ approval on the final article.

The Dallas Observer has written an article about the VCD and the members approved its publication.

Zombie Gear has donated 100 t-shirts for our Christmas event in December.

Father Sebastiaan and the Sabretooth’s will be hosting Endless Nights Dallas at the Church on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Members of the VCD will be in attendance at this event as patrons.

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