Public Meeting Notes 11-04-2018

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 42

A proposal for a new VCD website is currently being worked on and we should have something new to vote on soon.

Outlast Youth (the organization that we raised funds for at Rainbow in the Dark) is looking for volunteers for a demographic count that will take place in January 2019. Volunteers will go out in groups to talk to homeless people in the DFW area. This data will help Outlast Youth with information on the LGBTQ homeless youth in the area and help them receive funding for their programs. A link will be posted on the members’ page when we get one.

VCD members will take place in our second annual Secret Santa. A link for the sign-up will be posted on the members’ page, along with a deadline. Gifts will be exchanged at the Dec meeting.

A skills and barter list has been posted on the member’s google drive. This list is to help members reach out to each other if they need certain items or services that other members can help with.

VCD has decided to look into having a float or walking in the DFW Pride parade in 2019.

We have decided to look into having a Vampire panel at one of the conventions that take place in DFW. Possible conventions include but are not limited to; AllCon, Anime Fest, and Frightmere.

Quite a few of our members were in New Orleans with the pre-Halloween events that took place there. These events included; Anne Rice Ball, Endless Nights, Blood Lust Ball, Alliance Ball, Witches Ball, Opium, and Voodoo Fest. Our members were joined by vampires and other kin from all over the country.

We are moving forward with our plans for Krampus Nacht 2: Winter’s return, our annual toy drive that will benefit The New Beginnings Center in Garland. Performers have been booked and vendors have been scheduled. The event will take place Sunday, Dec 9, 2018, at the Church. A tie-in Toy drive, Christman at Nakatomi Tower will take place the following Friday, Dec 14, 2018, at Panoptikon. Volunteer sign-up lists for both events have been posted to our members’ page.

The charity for our annual Bleeding Hearts ball has been voted on. Bleeding Hearts 2019: The Purple Heart Ball will be benefiting the North Texas Veterans Initiative and will take place in Feb 2019 at the Church.

Charter Rev M regarding a specialist’s position to handle all media inquiries has been posted to the member’s page for review. The Revision will be voted on at the next meeting and a member has already been nominated and voted on for the position.

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