Public Meeting Notes 10-07-2018

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas, TX

Number of Attendees: 39

The webmaster is still working on a new site. The designer we were working with adjusted their price and we are looking to work with someone else.

We are growing and we want our members to be aware of people’s boundaries. We are a safe zone and want everyone to feel welcomed.

Charter Rev L was discussed and voted into effect; regarding background checks on potential new members and limits regarding criminal history.

The new media kit was discussed and approved. It is available upon request only.

2018’s Semi Fang project had a total social media reach of over 120000 people, with over 10,000 likes for VCD’s photo series alone. (These numbers do not reflect the parallel projects done by other organizations.) Photoshoots for next year’s project will begin in the spring after the Bleeding Hearts Ball.

A good few of the VCD members, as well as members from other organizations, will be in NOLA at the end of October for the events that will take place there. These events include The Anne Rice Lestat Ball, The Witch’s Ball, The endless Nigh events, The blood Lust events, Voodoo Fest, and The Opium.

Krampus Nacht 2 will take place Sunday, Dec 9 at the Church and a joint event will take place at Panoptikon the next Friday, the 14th. These two events will be toy drives to benefit the New Beginnings Center in Garland.

The Endless Nights Dallas event was discussed. A lot of VCD members were in attendance and a lot was learned from this successful event.

A new member was voted on and inducted.

Bleeding Hearts 2019 was discussed. Kitty and Mike will be the leads on that event, as was voted on. It will again have a raffle. This upcoming year, it will take place on a Saturday in Feb at the Church. Possible charities were discussed and will be voted on.

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