Public Meeting Notes 05-05-2019

Location: The Gingerman Uptown Dallas, TX

Number in attendance:

At this time the social committee is still working on the next internal event.

Our new website is still in the works and will hopefully be ready shortly.

Dallas Pride will take place on Sunday, June 2, 2019, at Fair Park. The route has still not been posted. VCD is still looking for volunteers to help walk the parade and has opened up volunteer spots to non-members.

Quinn has decided to step down from looking into getting a VCD panel for a local convention. He has nominated Sarah as his successor.

The VCD will be joining efforts with the Bad Girls Club of Dallas to host a Rat Pack-themed casino night at Viva’s on Friday, September 13, 2019. The Bad Girls are still working on what charity they would like to donate their half of the funds to. We are hoping to have some form of an event page up by the next meeting.

The Semi -fang project will be published during Suicide Prevention Week, Sept 8-14, 2019. Photoshoots for this project will begin this week and we are hoping to average 2 shots a month.

New full voting member has been inducted into VCD by majority vote.

A full member has been shifted to Member-at-large due to moving out of state. They will be missed.

April Children of the night event was a massive success in terms of promotion and allowed us not only to sell merchandise but also several members got to show off their artistic talents as well.

Time given after performance close for VCD leadership to promote court, events, and causes.

Education coordinator has posted the next workshop (shielding) to the VCD members page.

VCD proposed to set up merchandise booth at Mad Monster Arizona convention.

New action item is taken to include time for members to promote performances and individual efforts in the next month.

Houston Vampire Ball road trip in final stages of completion with several members planning to attend and represent the court in the festivities.

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