Public Meeting Notes 07-07-2019

Location: Gingerman, Uptown, Dallas TX

Number in attendance: 41

Our internal pool party was a success, even with the weather changes (rain). Our next event will be at an 80s music show in Aug to take place in Deep Ellum. Info will be up soon.

Our new website is complete and is up and running.

Creature Carnival will take place at Quixotic Theater in Deep Ellum on Friday, August 2, 2019. Performers from all over DFW will be in attendance and the VCD will have a table at the event to sell merchandise and promote our cause.

Our June educational workshop regarding consent was well received. It was a good source of information for some and a refresher for others.

This year’s Semifang project is coming along nicely. We have had a few shoots already and have a handful more coming up. All photos will be posted during Suicide prevention week which is the second week of September.

Two new members have been voted into membership.

Malka has been reconfirmed as the Records Keeper (officer position) for another year.

Per Charter Rev P, a Media Coordinator (officer position) has been nominated and voted on. Danielle is now our Media Coordinator.

We had some special guests in attendance at our meeting.

A new local non-profit, The Order of the Wolves had several members, including founders and officers. They were founded in November of 2018, have run a successful can food drive called “Howling out Hunger” and are working on “Huff and Puff and Blow Cancer Away,” their next charity cause.

Quite a few of the VCD members were in attendance of the Vampire Court of Austin’s Vampire Carnival. Our members were greeted with open arms and a few even attended a VCA meeting.

Our next big event is coming up quickly. Luck Be A Lady, co-hosted with the Bad Girls Club of Dallas, will be a Rat-Pack Era themed casino night, at Viva’s on Friday, September 13, 2019. There will be prizes for the top winners. VIP tickets are selling out fast but we still have plenty of GA. We also still need VCD members to sign up to volunteer.

Per our charter, sub-organizations under the VCD umbrella are allowed.

The VCD has voted in 2 houses under this revision; the House of Ari has 3 VCD members in it and the House of Satara also has 3 VCD members. House of Satara is also under the O’Mallie Clan.

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