Public Meeting Notes 10-06-2019


Number of Attendees:37

The VCD is in the process of making a business website for networking purposes. It is moving along and should be up and running soon.

We recently had a workshop for our members to learn some of the basics of self-defense. This workshop was very helpful. Our next workshop will be another one about tarot cards and tea and will be posted shortly.

Out social event for September was a night at a local Tiki Bar with our out-of-town guests from Luck Be A Lady the night after the event. It was a successful outing. The social committee is currently working on an October event as well as a camping trip for November.

This year’s Semi Fang had more than double the participants from previous years and reached over 78000 people. It was a huge success. There are even organizations in Europe now interested in doing their own projects next year.

Luck Be A Lady was a successful event. It raised over $4700 for the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Mike and Malka will be representing the VCD at the next NTCAHT meeting and presenting them with our donation. Due to a new revision in the charter that was voted on by our members, Officers and Specialists may now sit on committees in the organization.

Our Xmas toy drive event is coming along nicely. A promo video, as well as a photoshoot, are in the works. This will be a three-day weekend ordeal with the Main event Being Sunday, December 15 at the Church. This toy drive will benefit the New Beginning Center in Garland for our 4th year in a row.

We would like to thank the Ginger Man of Uptown for hosting us for the last 3 years. We have some wonderful memories there and will be presenting them with a thank you card signed by the members.

We have two new Counselors of the VCD. Kim G voted in with one abstain and Kryn voted in with one abstain.

We have a new specialist.

Out Court Cofferer was voted in with no objections or abstain. This specialist will be in charge of our merchandise sales and Etsy shop.

We have formed a new committee to run our smaller events. These will be the events we are asked to vend at and would involve no infrastructure from the VCD. The Chair was nominated and voted in with no objections or abstains. The fund used by our LBAL event co-lead was totaled up and reimbursement was voted on with no abstains or objections.

We are talking with Vivian Vermuth about the VCD being involved with Nocturnal Tease to take place in April 2020.

Two members are moving to a different state and were voted in as members at large with no abstains and 2 objections each. They will be missed and have been given information regarding organizations in their new state.

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