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Location: Webex (online) Number in attendance: 37 A vote was brought to combine the social committee and the culture committee. Voted in with no abstains and no objections. The ETSY shop is still up and running. Pins will be available soon. We are looking into being a part of virtual marketplaces to increase sales. Final […]
Location: Webex (online) Number in attendance: 31 The Social Committee will be scheduling an online movie-watching night to take place during April. More information will be on the members’ page shortly. We are looking into doing a virtual vending market and boosting our online sales. More dog tags are on the way. Funding for pins […]
Location: Union, Dallas Tx Number in attendance: 31 The chair of our Social Committee has stepped down. Bri has been nominated as the new chair and has accepted the said nomination. She was voted in with 1 objection and no abstains. A new member has been added to the committee with no objections and no […]
Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX (second floor) Number of attendees: 23 VCD is now a verified nonprofit on Facebook and will soon be able to accept donations through Facebook. Mary is moving forward towards getting us a bank account. She also got us a PayPal credit card reader, so we can now […]