Public Meetup Notes 09-03-2016

  1. Opened invitation up for Austin Road Trip Oct 22nd Weekend (Austin Vampire Ball!).
  2. Discussed future formal (private) meeting to induct the major charter revision (November).
  3. Presented VCD logo rough draft (For print and digital media).
  4. Presented May convention event ideas and Bid (Notified Committee leadership).
  5. Discussed Tarik’s fundraiser and invitation (Sept 9th).
  6. Discussed meeting with Winter Court leadership several weeks ago.
  7. Schedule laid out for monthly informal meetups as well as goals for November formal meeting.
  8. Major Charter Revision at 75%, will send out rough draft for all for notes and item review on completion.
  9. Presented guardian position split and position expansion (Edits to officer documents in work).
  10. Numerous ideas were presented for discussion on winter-season charity event to coordinate with local promoters, final vote on event and charity of choice will take place in November. Goal would be to have one major event sponsored by the VCD prior to May Convention (Ideas Below).

Ideas that were presented (Much of the credit goes to Ms. Malka!)

  • Toy Drive with distribution directly handled by VCD.
  • Date Auction at major scene event.
  • Formal dance, partnering with veteran’s groups and retirement homes.
  • Local college partnership to put on horror movie marathon for students
  • Blood drive / Food drive
  • Burlesque partnerships
  • Book kiosk sponsorship
  • Big Brother/Sister trick or treat event
  • Leveraging talents of the membership in the nature of non-profit giving

If I missed any please feel free to post in the comments below!

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