Public Meetup Notes 10-09-2016

  1. Austin Vampire Ball Road trip is on track, with event opened up once more to all who wish to attend. Space is still open for drive and sleep/changing space and the VCD has been approved to make up a small table for ease of identification on Saturday.
  2. Panopticon Event (Rayne’s Birthday) scheduled for October 14th. Short notice but we will do our best to promote the event as much as possible. Several members are confirmed to be in attendance (myself included) for questions and answers. As always people are encouraged to attend but this is by no means a requirement like any other event we do. After action report will be posted as always for those that have other obligations.
  3. Logo presented to good reception (much credit and love to Nikki Arnold). Business cards are complete and will be handed off to officers at next events as people are seen.
  4. Still standing by on May Event Committee report and decision. More to come on this action item soon.
  5. Discussed conversation and meeting with Father Sebastiaan of VampireWorld (New York) as well as the Dallas Endless Night Event last weekend.
  6. Christmas Charity Event idea (Much credit and love to Ms. Malka!) presented for approval and standing by for venue/date concurrence this week. Report to come as soon as approval has been forwarded to leadership.
  7. Schedule for November public and charter meeting is in work. Ideas for formal roster compiling and push-button membership induction approved to occur at the November charter meeting, prior to formal charter revision adoption, to allow those who have been supporters and in-formal members to be added to said roster.
  8. Charter Revision B is complete and in review. All persons who want a copy can ask an officer or myself, people are encouraged to suggest and edit prior to charter adoption meeting to speed approval along and minimize chaos. On the spot requests for charter draft were noted and will be sent today.
  9. Several members are planning on attending New Orleans Bloodlust and Endless Night celebrations on Oct 29th. More to follow from attendees (Ms. Lane) post-event.
  10. Joint community outreach event presented with associated difficulties, this event is noted as the first time something like that has been suggested, much less approved by the three major Texas organizations. Planning is in the infrastructure phase and schedule has been approved for the daytime of Nov 11th-12th. Once fully approved and agreed on by all three organizations, those VCD affiliates that cannot take part are asked to promote the event due to a small personal wager on the line to put up by the founders of the Dallas organization. As always participation is voluntary but encouraged, more details to come soon!
  11. Wedding of Austin leadership noted and mentioned with warm regards.
  12. Promotional photo-shoot is still in work with more to come soon on this action item.

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