Public Meetup Notes 01-08-2017

Gingerman Uptown Dallas, Second Floor


  1. Creation of secretary post proposed to take the burden of the current court scribe and executive leadership. Post will primarily be given duties around the meeting agenda and the taking of meeting minutes. Additionally, full moderator privileges of all court social media accounts will be given to create and maintain meeting note archive online for public consumption. Post will be a full officer position with officer vote and council debate function. Vote Passed.
  2. Creation of (2) Councillar Posts for spiritual and metaphysical educators for court membership. Duties will consist of spiritual guidance and education much in the same manner as an organizational chaplain. Function is to be utilized strictly on request by membership. Posts will be full officer positions with vote and council debate function. Vote Passed.
  3. Additional meeting for January 22nd requested due to Ball preparations. Vote not required.
  4. Confirmation of 2 new full-members and 2 affiliated memberships. Votes Passed.
  5. Confirmation of 2 new officers as court councillars. Vote Passed.

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Toy Drive results: $90+ in Cash donations and $200 in estimated value of Toys. Personal thanks by New Beginning Center posted to membership page.
  2. Convergence committee still meeting with no definite updates given on our possible involvement as of yet. Events still on hold.
  3. Wits End Mini-Event proposed with Deadly Sins Burlesque, support possibly for Dallas Humane Society. Ideas given to pair with breast cancer research due to marketing.
  4. Guest introduction: River Crescent Pack – Personal visit by pack Alpha-ess. “Bulldog” Rumsey also made an appearance to voice his support for our charitable work locally and invited membership to his show on on-air live to discuss what we do and our many functions. He has offered sponsorship of his show to us for the sake of our local non-profit work.
  5. Date Auction shelved temporarily due to security issues. Idea proposed to make the event to feature males for safety reasons. Possible other ideas include security escorts.
  6. Reminder given to members in regards to our policies and guidelines in regards to diversity and inclusion. This statement includes both traditional measures of diversity as well as metaphysical identity.
  7. Updates on Nines event (Aug 26nd) “Nine Lives” to include 1920’s centric performances and Dallas casino charity provider. Benefits North Texas Exotic Cat Shelter.
  8. Bleeding Hearts Ball (Feb 12th) updates: Ball is specifically presented and hosted by VCD in regards to marketing with Courtney Crave hired by the venue to book performers with rough ideas and guidelines by us. Burlesque restriction was accepted by the venue along with our request for all-original artistic performances that meet the theme. Local distillery has been contacted to formulate cocktails for event. Due to risk management by venue, this is a pure partnership with all ideas vetted through Church promoter and the owner. Approvals still in work with owner in regards to décor, fashion idea, tarot, and roving performances. Fangsmith has been contacted for support during event and we have requested his early arrival for booking our members specifically before the event for all that are interested. Vendors are already being contacted by venue (3) and we would like member ideas to submit to coordinator for the Church. Price and further details is to be set this week (Jan 10). Event benefits the Texas Heart Institute of North Texas.
  9. Membership delegation: Due to the increase of both members and events, it has been pointed out that executive leadership will need help in planning and performing the duties of the ball due to the sheer amount of work involved. Leadership addressed these concerns and has established coordinator roles in the ball subcommittee for the main aspects we are in charge for.
  10. Bleeding Hearts Blood Drive: We are in need of a coordinator for this (Malka has been offered the role) in that in the main area by the door we will have a signup sheet for carter blood care donations the week after the event for donors to give at their facility and us be given credit for our organization. Goal is 50+ donors, which should be easily achievable. Concern noted to not have donations during the event or in the evening due to substance dangers. Coordinator would be responsible for paperwork, contacting Carter, and enlisting volunteers to support the list and signups.
  11. Bleeding Hearts Raffle: Specifically requested by Don and we are still in need of a coordinator for this. Essentially, due to legal issues the door must be devoted to business purposes thus this is the best way the venue feels to promote our cause. We will set the price for the tickets, contact local businesses and makers for prizes, certificates, or prize packs and sell tickets either at the door or rove during the event. Coordinator will be responsible for taking suggestions for businesses, sign up volunteers to sell tickets, take charge of prizes, setting up volunteers to call/solicit prizes, and finally coordinate volunteers to mind the prize desk. (Prizes already offered by Batty and Susan).

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