Public Meeting Notes 11-06-2016

Public Meetup Notes 11/6/2016

  1. Vampire Court of Houston (Winter) Representative/Ambassador introduced and in attendance. She has offered her services in our charity events moving forward and we look forward to any help and aid she can provide in pursuing our joint mission. As an organization we make it a goal to reach out and call on the help of the many diverse organizations of Dallas Fort Worth in the future and her help along with many others is instrumental in making the community better for us all. Hers was a welcomed voice and we cannot express our thanks enough to see her engagement with what we are doing.
  2. Promotional photo-shoot for members and officers postponed due to medical emergency, concern was conveyed for all parties involved as well as well-wishes. Action taken to reschedule this event in December or after the holidays.
  3. Nightmare before Christmas Toy Drive event is in full swing, call for Volunteers answered and signup sheet to be posted on internal page is in work. All volunteers will get in without charge and the Church has been kind enough to offer space for the action and promotional materials. Members asked to promote event and the drive. PayPal currently in work by purser to aid in efforts with full-transparency.
  4. Ms. Malka introduced as specialist non-profit coordinator due to her marketing background as well as the many contributions she has made to the group thus far on that front.
  5. Private members page requested to diffuse documentation and committees. This takes the burden off of Facebook messenger. Action taken by group scribe.
  6. Day of Dead events in Denton Texas suggested as both an outreach action and as a promotional tool. Suggestion taken down with enthusiasm and research on participation in work.
  7. Joint blood drive event with Austin and Houston still in work. Action postponed till after the first of the year due to infrastructure issues with the Red Cross (travel and donor restrictions). Currently we are planning to run events concurrently through independent organizations to bypass encountered problems. More news to come on this soon as details are ironed out.
  8. Clan Rahamdalph has expressed a desire to form an annex in Fort Worth…due to reputation and rumor in regards to their associated actions in Houston and elsewhere, the VCD executive team messaged their leadership (local and central) to reach out a hand, understand their intentions, and to welcome their help in the future. It was concluded that any hostility publicly expressed was the result of miscommunication and an immediate clarification was published by their leadership to their social media. More news on this to come however no action needed at this time.
  9. Austin and New Orleans event reports given by membership… Committee of attendees has convened to provide a critique on both events in the effort to build on lessons learned for future events in Dallas. Actions taken to review current rough draft and documentation is provided by request. New Orleans Saber-tooth Clan members and Dallas members expressed desire for contact, action taken to reach out in the effort to foster relationship moving forward.
  10. State certification of Non-profit status presented to membership.
  11. County certification of assumed name and business name presented to membership.
  12. Formal roster updated and induction of long term supporters to full membership completed immediately prior to engagement of formal membership process. Member vote unanimous.
  13. Charter revision B adopted in unanimous vote, no recusals or dissensions.

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