Public Meetup Notes 12-03-2016

  1. Regularity of meetings called into order due to being a Saturday meetup as opposed to Sunday. Action taken to revert back to Sunday and maintain pattern (goal is second Sunday of each month.)
  2. Action taken to build Google Calendar for meetings and events (Laura). Emails requested on VCD member page. Emails to be used as well for building of Google Drive for documents (charter, incorporation papers, accounts, roster) for member access and transparency.
  3. VCD member page (Facebook) introduced and call for access made (Quinn and Misty added)
  4. December 18th signup sheet for Toy Drive passed around. Electronic copy posted to member page. All members asked for final push for promotion. Date to immediately follow event for unloading at New Beginnings Center (Plano).
  5. Valentines Event introduced with committee formation to follow after December 14 and will meet with venue staff (Love is Dead /Bleeding Hearts). VCD is responsible for promotion, vendors, non-profit aspects and performers. Multiple non-profit concepts presented for event (Auction / Blood Donation / Cardio Societies).
  6. Blood drive event with VCH and VCA postponed till after first of the year. Infrastructure is responsibility of individual organizations with possible link with February event in Dallas.
  7. Individual community-wide efforts for PSA (Human Rights Campaign) in full-editing by Dark Fang Productions. Release should be within the next few weeks. Public posting on page will immediately follow.
  8. Group PayPal introduced by Purser. Account balance and history to be posted at interval for transparency.
  9. Convergence committee still in work on VCD event ideas. No updates.
  10. Friday the 13th movie event ideas presented for income generation (future event sponsorship or full-cash donation) (Malka).
  11. Easter bar-crawl/egg-hunt idea presentation. Idea to partner with elm establishments much like the charity bar crawl events and perform a Easter/vampire themed scavenger hunt (Malka). Entry charged for income generation – Future event sponsorship or full cash donation.
  12. Photo-shoot with Aoife Haney Photography (Massively successful despite weather) images are still in work with several released publicly already. VCD members have been offered ongoing discount for all photo services moving forward.
  13. Ms. Kim Giammarco was a guest speaker for the evening from Clan Devotat-Tigan and surprised members with several bags of toys for donation. Her ideas and warm wishes were communicated to all of our members and supporters and we look forward to working with her organization moving forward and hearing her voice at further meetings/events. The friction between her home organization and the VCH was addressed, with members stressing that the VCD is completely impartial and willing to work with any who are willing to aid us moving forward in building the DFW community.
  14. Member-at-large from Waco (Quinn) introduced and we welcomed his (and his lively lady’s) presence in the business of the evening as well as the group photos. Several ideas were presented to further include regional communities as well as area events.

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