Public Meeting Notes 06-04-2017

Location: The Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas, TX (second floor)

Number of attendees: 25

  1. Convergence After Action Report and Lessons Learned (Weekend, Blood Drive and RBC Event): Convergence was a success with 40+ blood drive signups and outstanding performances with multiple bands. Precedent set with booking bands for events and multiple ideas to branch out to the local music scene. 80 total attendees for a free event and low attendance may be due to being a weekday event prior to Convergence Weekend. Additionally, the larger committee of Convergence and larger events during the weekend led to information issues and last minute tasks to complete. VCD membership decided to take a second look at weekday events in the future however the marketing potential of such a large event was good for public relations.
  2. Nine Lives Updates/ Venue Meeting – Ideas: Malka out of town on vacation however the Nine Lives Photo-shoot is planned for June 17th. The Nines approves initial ideas with the membership voting to conduct a VIP early opening for attendees to grow financial impact.
  3. June 2nd Sue Ellen’s Vampire/Wolf Night After Action Report: June 2nd was an amazing event with fun had from all attendees. Multiple contacts made with performers and several of those that performed were in attendance at meeting. Mina Paramour volunteered for future events and actions.
  4. Austin Carnival Road Trip After Action Report: Kim and Mike drove to Austin to support VCA event. $400.00+ raised by our friends at VCA for Texas Community for the Arts.
  5. Semi-Colon Project Updates/Sign Ups (Malka): Malka out of town, however first semi-fang photo-shoot scheduled after June 17th.
  6. New Member Inductions (2):
    • One member fully inducted from affiliate to full voting member.
    • Second induction failed membership vote.
  7. Family Event (Room with a Clue or Drive-In) Updates/Date (Rayne): Family event postponed due to July 2nd potluck and family day.
  8. Shirt Design Ideas and Approvals: Shirt design presented by Susan and approved by membership. Design has been passed to Nikki Arnold (Logo Designer) for vector and layout.
  9. VCD Charity Garage Sale Updates – Location/Date: Postponed until after Nine Lives Event due to rapidly filling calendar.
  10. Bank Account Updates/Turn-Over: NFCU Bank Account application failed due to wide ranging nature of our charity work. Search for no/low-fee account still in work. Members solicited for ideas and other avenues of donation verification. Online-only credit unions a possibility.
  11. Minds Eye Theater Trial Signups/Date: Presentation by Rebekah Haskins-Hunt on Mind’s Eye given. Dates approved for membership play-test to evaluate the possibility of a future large scale charity event.
  12. Toy Drive Event Theme and Details (Pan Tie in?): Toy Drive given its on event (December 17th) and approved by the Church for their calendar. Panopticon tie-in event planned for that Friday to increase overall impact.
  13. 2018 Bleeding Hearts: Bleeding Hearts approved by the Church Calendar! February 11th is planned date of our flag-ship event.
  14. 4th of July Event/Cookout: Pot luck approved for July 2nd at mid-day. Leadership tasked to build event and food listing.
  15. Public neutrality statement given on the unity project currently making the rounds online. Non-affiliation has been approved as the organizational stance.
  16. Google Drive has been updated with legal paperwork and organizational listing.

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