Regularity of meetings called into order due to being a Saturday meetup as opposed to Sunday. Action taken to revert back to Sunday and maintain pattern (goal is second Sunday of each month.) Action taken to build Google Calendar for meetings and events (Laura). Emails requested on VCD member page. Emails to be used as […]
Public Meetup Notes 11/6/2016 Vampire Court of Houston (Winter) Representative/Ambassador introduced and in attendance. She has offered her services in our charity events moving forward and we look forward to any help and aid she can provide in pursuing our joint mission. As an organization we make it a goal to reach out and call […]
Austin Vampire Ball Road trip is on track, with event opened up once more to all who wish to attend. Space is still open for drive and sleep/changing space and the VCD has been approved to make up a small table for ease of identification on Saturday. Panopticon Event (Rayne’s Birthday) scheduled for October 14th. […]
Opened invitation up for Austin Road Trip Oct 22nd Weekend (Austin Vampire Ball!). Discussed future formal (private) meeting to induct the major charter revision (November). Presented VCD logo rough draft (For print and digital media). Presented May convention event ideas and Bid (Notified Committee leadership). Discussed Tarik’s fundraiser and invitation (Sept 9th). Discussed meeting with […]